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Hazard Identification & Risk Control

Mohammed · August 14, 2022

About the course:
Through improving the participants’ awareness of exactly what Recognition, Evaluation and Control of Hazards means to the individual and the organization, workplace safety can be improved.
With training, Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment and Hazard Prevention and Control in the work environment can be conducted to best effect.
• Greater awareness of the need to recognize workplace hazards
• Improved ability to recognize the hazards that are present in the workplace
• Greater awareness of the ways in which hazards can be properly evaluated to decide the amount of risk present
• An understanding of the different methods of hazard control that can be implemented, including elimination, substitution, and administrative and engineering controls
• An understanding of the role of personal protective equipment
• A general understanding of the Recognition, Evaluation and Control of Hazards process, its requirements and benefits
Course Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, delegates will have an understanding of their roles and responsibilities, have the skills and confidence to write an effective risk assessment and safe system of work and implement sufficient control measures to improve safety in the workplace.
Target Audience:
This course is for learners who have to demonstrate the ability to conduct a risk assessment in the workplace.
How will this Training Course be presented?
This training course will be presented using properly designed slides, some with animation and several videos on relevant issues.

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