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About the course:
What Is Confined Space Training? Confined Space Entry Training teaches you how to follow OSHA standards and protect yourself, your coworkers, or your supervisees while working in a confined space environment. Its goal is to prevent injury, illness, or death from common confined space hazards.
A confined space is defined by NR-33 as an area or environment not designed for continuous human occupation, which has limited means of entry and exit, in which the existing ventilation is insufficient to remove contaminants or where there may be a deficiency or enrichment of oxygen. Examples of confined space are: gas, sewage and electricity.
Enable professionals to identify, plan and authorize the release for entry in confined space in order to assess, monitor and control the risks in order to ensure the safety and health of people who take part directly and indirectly in this task.
Course Learning Outcomes:
• Atmosphere testing and monitoring.
• Space preparation for entry.
• Rescue arrangements and resuscitation equipment at the entrance.
• Supervisory control and experienced person in attendance at the entrance.
Target Audience:
This course is for workers and lookouts who need to work in confined space. Offshore Companies and the International Maritime Organization also require that all workers who wish to work aboard ships and rigs obtain the Basic Safety Training (BST).
How will this Training Course be presented?
This training course will be presented using properly designed slides, some with animation and several videos on relevant issues.

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