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H2S Induction

The course covers the emergency response competency requirements and provides details of training required for personnel working in potential H2S environments.

Mohammed · August 15, 2022


  • Understanding what hydrogen sulphide is and where it is found onboard ships,
  • Gain knowledge of the risks and hazards imposed by hydrogen sulphide,
  • Be aware of the common symptoms of exposure to such gas,
  • Understand precautions put in place when hydrogen sulphide might be present,
  • Gain knowledge of the action to be taken in such an emergency including medical response.

 Course Learning Outcomes:

Delegates completing an H2S Awareness training course will be able to;

  • Describe the properties and characteristics of H2S
  • Explain the hazards associated with, and the effects of exposure to H2S
  • Describe where you might find H2S
  • Explain the responsibilities associated with current legislation
  • Identify the workplace exposure limits for short and long-term exposure to H2S
  • Describe the control measures that should be put in place to prevent exposure to H2S
  • Explain the hazardous area classifications related to H2S
  • Describe how to detect and monitor H2S
  • Describe the respiratory and personal protective equipment required when H2S may be present
  • Describe contingency planning and associated emergency and evacuation procedures

 Target Audience:

All personnel who could potentially be exposed to H2S in the workplace.

How will this Training Course be presented?
This training course will be presented using properly designed slides, some with animation and several videos on relevant issues.

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