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Electrical Safety & Electrostatic Discharge Precautions

Mohammed · August 14, 2022

About the course:
Electrical accidents can cause burns, shocks and electrocution, and without the proper electrical safety can lead to fatal accidents in a worst case scenario
This training will help you become aware of some of the dangers of working around electrical devices in a manufacturing setting, especially hazards involving arc flash. You will learn how to recognize electrical hazards, how to avoid injuries from arc flashes, how to lessen injury to yourself and others if an arc flash occurs, as well as how to keep arc flashes from ever happening.
• An understanding of the basic principles and measures of electricity
• The Electricity at Work regulations and how they apply to you
• What are electrical hazards
• How electricity harms the body
• Understanding simple first aid precautions
• A knowledge of fire and explosion risks
• General office and workplace safety tips
• Understanding plug, socket and cable safety
• PAT testing and maintenance
Course Learning Outcomes:
• Identify the hazards associated with electricity: shock and fire
• Explain how electricity works regarding hazards on the job
• Describe basic safety controls and practices at work
• Identify and explain how to respond to electrical emergencies
Target Audience:
The electrical safety training course is designed for employees with little or no knowledge of electrical safety, so is ideal for induction and refresher training.

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