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Abdul Raqib





A petroleum engineer specializing in drilling fluid has over 19 years of experience in oil and gas drilling with multinational companies in Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.


  • M.Sc. Preliminary year in Petroleum Geology (Stratigraphy and Oil)- Faculty of sciences - Sana’a University (1998–1999).
  • BSc in Geology /Chemistry, Faculty of sciences - Sana’a University (1992–1996)
  • Achievements

  • 24 years of experience
  • Have several specialized and practical courses locally and globally.
  • Professional and disciplinarian with accumulated experience working in difficult environments and conditions locally and externally, team-oriented leader with skills to share and learn new tools and education.
  • My ability to operate multinational teams and in remote areas, I can contribute if I have the opportunity to achieve your company's objectives.

    14 Lessons

    Drilling Fluid Engineering-Intermediate

    This course will take participants through a comprehensive look at the functions of drilling fluids. It will address how to engineer a mud system, as well as cover water based, oil based, and synthetic mud systems.

    15 Lessons

    Drilling Fluid Engineering – Basic

    Primary objectives of the course are the following: -  I- identification of the progress of oil well drilling operation and drilling fluids functions. 2- Expand understanding to drilling fluids works.

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